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Standalone Reads

Sometimes, I like to get into projects and charities.

This is where you're going to find those stories... Enjoy! 

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A Novella

Jonas Gibson had his happiness torn away in a single moment. Forced to give up the little girl he’d raised from birth, he joined the Air Force and never looked back. Until he got a phone call from the girl’s grandparents with a desperate plea: Ariana is missing, help us find her.

Ryan Villas never expected a letter telling him he was a father—but as surprising as it was, it wasn’t unwelcome. Ariana’s mother, however, didn’t make being a father easy. Everything was an uphill battle, and when Ariana and her mother disappear, he knows he has to find them.

Two men bound by the life of one little girl. Two men determined to make sure she’s safe. Two men who never expected to meet—or feel so drawn to each other.

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