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This is where you can find all of my books, series and standalone.


Currently, I have four contemporary series planned: 

Aligning Stars
Over the Boards

Running Hot 

The Wide Sky

And I have one superhero series I'm just starting to play with: 

Cape and Cowl

Since I’m just getting going, it’s going to be a while before I can get all those stories to you! But don’t fret, I’m planning quite a bit in both series, so hang on and prepare to be wooed by the men of New York, the athletes of Wisconsin and the cowboys of the Midwest.


Love and peas!

SA Sommers

Marcus in Retrograde-frontsm.jpg

Each star aligns differently, and this is just a few of the amazing men who fall under the spell of that star shine...

Alexei's Challenge-sm.jpg

It's time for a change, and the cold ice and hot nights of Wisconsin's new hockey team are just what the NHL ordered.

High performance is demanded at every turn-- and it's not just the engines that are running hot.

Beneath the bright skies of Indiana, old beliefs in love and life still stand. But that doesn't mean they have to stand still.






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