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Welcome to Iodannes

Iodannes is an idyllic, independent island nation on the Ionian Sea. Under the protection of Greece, the people of the island were progressive before the idea of progressive existed. As haven for LGBTQIA and allies since the Dark Ages, it has a rich history. The county is currently under the stewardship of King Dionis, a beloved ruler and kind man who wants only the best for his crown, his country and his family. His only son, Valon is the Crown Prince. 


The Carpenter Prince

Once upon a time in a land far, far away... Well, maybe not that far away. Okay, it's Virginia.
Two kids met on a playground and had a great day together. For the heck of it, as the sun set over the jungle gym, they got pretend-married.
Except it wasn't pretend.
It was all very, very legal in that country far away. And now, the new king of Iodannes, Valon, has come calling for his bride.
The only problem is, his blushing bride's name is now Jason.

The Carpenter Prince copy.jpg


Title to be announced

Coming soon


If the Crown Fits

Coming soon

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