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Cape & Cowl

Welcome to Far Moor City, the home of the Heroes' League, where people with extraordinary powers help protect their fellow citizens. Once the rivals of the Department of Villainous Activities, a new threat has risen, putting citizen and city alike in danger.

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A knock on the door in the middle of the night means nothing but trouble.


Especially when the door belongs to Registered Villain (tm) Rook. But when Rook—alias Oliver Coburn—opens the door, it’s so much worse than he thought. Gladiator, one of Far Moor City’s main Registered Heroes (tm) is standing there, bleeding to death.


Villains aren’t supposed to help Heroes.


Oliver isn’t a Big Bad, though. He’s a small-time villain who enjoys complex and nuanced crimes, and his own personal code won’t let him let Gladiator die on his doorstep. Not to mention the man was gorgeous and muscled sleeping on his couch.


Gladiator—alias Cassian Rossilli—doesn’t remember much between the (obviously) roofied drink and showing up at Rook’s doorstep, just about dead.


Heroes aren’t supposed to ask Villains for help.

But his obsession with Rook wound up being the thing that saved him. It was the only address he could remember when the drug took affect—he’d spent the past few years finding out who Rook was and every little thing about the adorable twinkish villain. He knew that Rook was an old-school gentleman thief, and that trust saved his life.


Except now, Oliver and Cassian are stuck with the city thinking Gladiator is dead, the Villains of the Department of Villainous Affairs starting to get out of control, and a series of fires and explosions that no one is taking credit for. More, the tension between them is firing up and it’s going to explode as well: Cassian and Oliver are falling for each other.


Heroes and Villains don’t mix.





Being a villain wasn't as much fun as it used to be.

With the DoVA slowly disintegrating, there's no one to rein in Mash. A perfect world for someone who enjoys their job, cares for their family and loves unfettered destruction. Meeting Levi Underwood was just the icing on the cake.

But something was going wrong. Gaps of time, missing memories, reports of violence beyond his norm started to pile up. After nearly killing a university student--and having no memory of it--being a villain just wasn’t nearly as much fun anymore. Now it was risking lives, Everett's own included, and jeopardizing his job, his family, and his new relationship with Levi.


Being an understudy to a superhero was not fun.

Being the identical twin to the city's second most powerful superhero had serious drawbacks. Having identical powers meant Levi was called in as his brother's substitute far too often. But at the same time, thanks to the heroes--and villains--he'd met Everett Jameson at the site of of one of their fights. Things went well. Very well.

But Mash was going rogue. He was out of control and out of character. On top of that, the secrets of Granite Jameson and his laboratory were starting to surface. Secrets that could jeopardize his new relationship with Everett.

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Coming Sept 2023


Ubiquitor is everywhere crime is!

Problem is, crime is everywhere and Asher Underwood is exhausted. His wife is gone, his boss is overbearing and he's missing out on his kids. Thankfully, his twin brother is on the ball and signs him up for a nanny.

Donovan is a Godsend. He keeps the kids and the house in line. He's also sweet, funny, and very, very attractive. The last one throws Asher for a loop. He's never found a man attractive before--and everything about it is confusing him.


A desperate sprint out of Springdale takes Dovovan Domenico out of reach of the Franklins—the family that runs Springdale—and away from the unwanted advances of the brothers, Winston. The mad dash takes him directly into The Alliance Network—TAN.


TAN, an organization that helps heroes, places Donovan with Ubiquitor's unassuming alter ego, Asher. The superhero is desperate for help and incredibly sexy. Trying to resist his new boss, Donovan tosses himself into caring for the kids, the house and finding some romance.The attraction between Asher and Donovan is too strong to resist.


Dangerous and inappropriate, neither of them want to slow down or walk away. But the Franklins are not to be trifled with, and four of the brothers agree Donovan humiliated them.It's time for a jailbreak and revenge on both Asher and Donovan.

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