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Cape & Cowl

Petty | Flying Foul | Mash-Up
Petty CC1 ebook.jpg

A knock on the door in the middle of the night means nothing but trouble.


Especially when the door belongs to Registered Villain (tm) Rook. But when Rook—alias Oliver Coburn—opens the door, it’s so much worse than he thought. Gladiator, one of Far Moor City’s main Registered Heroes (tm) is standing there, bleeding to death.


Villains aren’t supposed to help Heroes.


Oliver isn’t a Big Bad, though. He’s a small-time villain who enjoys complex and nuanced crimes, and his own personal code won’t let him let Gladiator die on his doorstep. Not to mention the man was gorgeous and muscled sleeping on his couch.


Gladiator—alias Cassian Rossilli—doesn’t remember much between the (obviously) roofied drink and showing up at Rook’s doorstep, just about dead.


Heroes aren’t supposed to ask Villains for help.

But his obsession with Rook wound up being the thing that saved him. It was the only address he could remember when the drug took affect—he’d spent the past few years finding out who Rook was and every little thing about the adorable twinkish villain. He knew that Rook was an old-school gentleman thief, and that trust saved his life.


Except now, Oliver and Cassian are stuck with the city thinking Gladiator is dead, the Villains of the Department of Villainous Affairs starting to get out of control, and a series of fires and explosions that no one is taking credit for. More, the tension between them is firing up and it’s going to explode as well: Cassian and Oliver are falling for each other.


Heroes and Villains don’t mix.



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